Santa's Got a Brand New Bag

john toomey
john toomey

Don't worry kids! Just because Santa got fired from Macy's doesn't mean he won't be around to hear your wishes. He just picked up his elves and moved down the street.

In what's being called "The Miracle on Geary St.," John Toomey, aka "Santa John," who was fired from Macy's last week for telling a slightly naughty joke, is now holding court every day at Lefty O'Doul's restaurant. It's less than a block away from San Francisco's Union Square Macy's, where an adult couple who sat on his lap complained to HR that Toomey was trying to make them have a blue Christmas. The man who had been Macy's go-to Santa for 20 years was promptly notified that his "services were no longer needed."