Not Allowed To Wear Cross to Work, Woman Sues

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highest paying jobs

Roman Catholic Jamie Enrico filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Superior Court against her former former Orthodox Jewish employer, reports the New York Post. Enrico contends that Concepts in Time, a frame and watch wholesaler, forbade her to wear the Christian symbol while at work.

She maintains that the employer and other employees were allowed to wear Jewish symbols such as yarmulkes and Star of David pendants. Last December, she was fired from her position as the company's Vice President of Sales.

Enrico's former employer, in turn, contends she was trying to steal its clients list in order to launch a competing business. In fact, Concepts in Time had filed a lawsuit, which was subsequently dismissed on technical grounds. Enrico claims that the lawsuit had been filed against her as payback for her filing of a complaint with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.