Nine Things to Buy After Christmas

lady delighted with gift - things to buy after christmas'Tis the season of giving. Nobody ever called it the season of good deals. The following, gathered from the expertise of WalletPop colleagues, Kiplinger, Consumer Reports and yours truly, is a list of purchases to put off until after Christmas. Even if loved ones beg for these items, be strong and ask them to wait. The sales to combat the post-holiday blahs are just a turn of the calendar page away. And so are the happy smiles on the faces of the recipients.

1. Fitness Equipment
There's plenty of time for would-be giftees to work off the yuletide weight gain. Can't it wait 'til everyone else has already broken their New Year's resolutions? Retailers such as Sears and Sports Authority pump themselves up with January sales. Given that the average price of a stationary bike is $296.32 and $586.19 for an elliptical trainer, according to the National Sporting Goods Association, we say save your breath for savings that can be as high as 70%.2. Televisions
Wait for the New Year's euphoria to fade and you'll get your Super Bowl on the fancy telly at hundreds of dollars less in January and early February. HDTV prices will likely take the biggest dive. If you decide to go for it, here are some buying tips for getting that HDTV at the best price.

3. Quit-Smoking Aids
We're not blowing smoke -- after the new year is the most cost-effective time to kick that nasty tobacco habit. WalletPop suggests signing up with smoking cessation programs directly at their websites, instead of searching for them at bargain sites. And the e-cigarette industry is always offering deals online, hoping smokers will jump on the Katherine Heigl bandwagon and puff on the steam-emitting, tobacco-free electronic cigarettes.

4. Snow Blowers
Would you expect a bargain on air conditioners in June? So why in the name of Jack Frost would you hope for low prices on a snow blower in December? The savings snowball to 30% and 40% as winter turns the corner in March. Let the intended recipient shovel the driveway for now or have it shoveled for them -- just remind them to pay after the job is done.

5. Tax Materials
Everything you need for a DIY accounting to Uncle Sam, including software such as Quicken, is often reduced by double-digit percentages in early February, according to WalletPop. On the brick-and-mortar front, Staples annually stages a Dollar Days $1 to $3 pricing on office supplies for many happy returns.

6. Cars
You can save a December-best 8.2% off the sticker price if you wait until New Year's Eve, according to Kiplinger. Dealers want those new models in by morning. You'll toast your patience with a great deal.

7. Sheets and Towels
White sales are about as quaint as Norman Rockwell paintings, but a few old school outfits like Bloomingdale's and Pottery Barn still hold them after the holidays. Just imagine the thread count soaring but not the price.

8. Tools
Saving is dandy for someone handy, so wait 'til Father's Day to buy tools, Kiplinger suggests. Discounts reach 25% -- and who wants to sand and drill at Christmas anyway?

9. Cameras
Focus on the savings that develop if you don't cave to your shutterbug's yearnings over the holidays. January and February's big electronic trade shows announce the new models, generating savings of 30% or more on the older models.
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