24 Jobs With Low Stress and High Pay

highest paying jobsDo you feel like you're just making it through day after grueling day of work while only barely keeping up with your bills? Maybe it's time you considered a career with low stress and high pay. They do exist, according to the fortunate folks who have discovered them.

Online salary database PayScale.com recently conducted a survey and asked workers about their stress levels at work. Those jobs considered "low stress" were rated as "a little stressful," "not stressful" or "relaxing" by at least 40 percent of the respondents in the survey.

And, it turns out that many of these jobs pay well. The following are 10 well-paid, low stress gigs. We've included the requirements for getting started in these jobs and how much they pay per year, according to PayScale.com.

1. Biostatistician

Median annual salary:$86,000

If you're a natural number-cruncher and lover of science, biostatistics will keep you employed, well-funded and, apparently, happy. Most statistician jobs require a master's degree, and 30 percent of statisticians are employed by the government, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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2. Software Developer

Median annual salary:$70,000

Here's a great job that's expected to be in very high demand in the coming years, according to the BLS. Applicants with a bachelor's degree or higher will have better job prospects and earnings. Obviously, some developer jobs are more stressful than others depending on the company you work for, but many developers attest that the low-stress gigs do exist.

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3. Business Analyst, IT

Median annual salary:$69,000

As companies adopt more complicated technologies going forward, business analysts with IT skills will be in high demand. A bachelor's degree will get you started, though a master's will put you ahead of the competition.

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4. Physical Therapist (PT)

Median annual salary:$69,000

This gig puts you in direct contact with people and offers the satisfaction of helping others. Plus, it has great prospects for the future as demand for physical therapists is growing, according to the BLS. You must complete at least a master's degree, pass a national exam and gain licensure in your state.

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5. Mechanical Engineer

Median annual salary:$68,000

Mechanical engineers design industrial equipment and consumer products of all kinds. Perhaps being able to actually create something makes this job satisfying and lower in stress. You need a bachelor's degree to enter the field.

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6. Aircraft Pilot, Corporate Jet

Median annual salary:$64,000

While pilots who fly jumbo jets for major airlines or take military planes into enemy territory may feel a lot of stress, the pilots who fly corporate jets report little stress on the job. Getting this gig requires extensive training, thousands of hours of flight time and, increasingly, a bachelor's degree.

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7. Database Analyst

Median annual salary:$60,000

Database experts will be in very high demand through 2018, according to the BLS. Analysts help companies optimize how they store, organize, use and present data. A bachelor's degree is common, though an associate's degree, professional certifications and work experience may also get you a job.

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8. Financial Analyst

Median annual salary:$59,000

Financial analysts advise people or companies on investment decisions. Their work can be very highly paid, depending on expertise and the size of the investments. A bachelor's degree is required, as well as various professional certifications and licenses.

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9. Technical Writer

Median annual salary:$56,000

A technical writer has a knack for making complicated topics easy to understand. The job requires a bachelor's degree, ideally in communication, journalism or English, and it helps to have expertise in a technical topic. Job prospects here are good, especially when writing for the Web.

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10. Internal Auditor

Median annual salary:$56,000

As business regulations become more stringent, internal auditors will be more in demand. An internal auditor checks to make sure that a company's internal financial controls are working and looks for waste or fraud. The work requires a bachelor's degree, at least, though a master's degree and further certification improves earnings and job prospects.

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More Low Stress, Well-Paid Jobs

11. Economist

Median annual salary: $78,000

Degree: Master's

12. User Experience Designer

Median annual salary: $82,000

Degree: Bachelor's

13. Application Developer

Median annual salary: $67,000

Degree: Bachelor's

14. Environmental Engineer

Median annual salary: $64,000

Degree: Bachelor's

15. Risk Management Analyst

Median annual salary: $63,000

Degree: Bachelor's

16. Contract Specialist

Median annual salary: $60,000

Degree: Bachelor's

17. Urban Planner

Median annual salary: $57,000

Degree: Bachelor's

18. Social Media Manager

Median annual salary: $56,000

Degree: Bachelor's

19. Product Analyst

Median annual salary: $56,000

Degree: Bachelor's

20. Geologist

Median annual salary: $54,000

Degree: Master's

21. Transportation Planner

Median annual salary: $52,000

Degree: Bachelor's

22. Data Analyst

Median annual salary: $52,000

Degree: Bachelor's

23. Web Content Editor

Median annual salary: $52,000

Degree: Bachelor's

24. Personal Trainer

Median annual salary: $48,000

Degree: Bachelor's

Source: All salary data is from PayScale.com. The salaries listed are median, annual salaries for full-time workers with 5-8 years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions or profit sharing.
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