FrontierVille Tips & Tricks: Earn free, bonus Toys by using friends' wall posts

Earlier this evening, we brought you news of the launch of the Toy Factory in FrontierVille. This Toy Factory will see you collecting toys (as the name suggests), which can then be turned in for free Holiday themed decorations and prizes. While we already know that you can simply send gifts to your friends (and receive them from friends) as free gifts, there is another way to earn free presents, that isn't even advertised, but is very much a time saver.

This involves the Wall Posts that you can also post to your friends walls asking for gifts. Since giving Toys is a "Give one, get one" situation, it's in every players' best interest to respond to these posts. In this comes our helpful little trick. If you have a bunch of friends playing FrontierVille, that also happen to be friends with each other, you can use these relationships to your advantage, and score free Toys, even if they haven't been given directly to you.

Since you'll be able to see every post concerning FrontierVille on your news feed, even if the post is one friend posting on another friend's wall (again, not your wall), you can act as though the item was meant for you, and can click on this wall post anyway, giving your friend a free Toy, and earning one for yourself. You'll need to look for the kind of wall post shown in the image above - that's when you know you've found a free Toy.

Don't worry about "stealing" the Toy associated with that request either, as we have tested this trick, and have found in our experience that more than one person can click on each Toy request, thus giving you a chance to earn a free Toy, while not removing the ability for your friends to do so as well. Note: These requests will eventually expire, but from our experience, it isn't until after three or four Toys have been gifted, just as it was with the Thanksgiving Feast dishes, where this trick first came to be.

This is an incredible opportunity to quickly rack up Toys in FrontierVille, especially if you play with a large group of friends. Just watch out for friends to start posting requests on walls and go in for the free Toys! We're sure your friends won't mind earning even more free Toys than they anticipated, and neither will you!

Happy Toy Making!

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Have you used this trick to gather some extra free Toys for yourself in FrontierVille? Have at trick of your own to share? Let us know in the comments.

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