FarmVille: Here's your last chance at White Pumpkin & Candy Cane crop mastery

In an effort to help you farmers get the most out of your FarmVille experience, I felt it only right to alert you guys to a couple of startling developments. Two of the current limited edition crops are about to expire from the store!

First, the White Pumpkin, which was released back in the Thanksgiving event, will be expired in three days. This is the very last Thanksgiving item that is still available in the store, and it might just be the best, as it allows you to not only earn a profit in coins by growing it, but you'll also have a chance at earning the very exclusive, show-off-worthy White Pumpkin Mastery Sign, awarded to those users that can master the crop to the three star level. If you haven't started growing them yet, you'll need to have a lot of empty plots of land to have a chance at full mastery, but it definitely isn't impossible.

Next, and perhaps more importantly, the Candy Cane crop released as part of a charity promotion with UCSF Benoiff Children's Hospital will be removed from the store after 9:00 PM PST on the 15th - that's tomorrow! For those that have been holding off on purchasing a week-long permit for charity, you have until that time tomorrow night to purchase your permit. Don't worry - even if the crop has expired from the store for everyone else, you will still receive your week long permit to plant and harvest these crops as many times as you'd like. Remember, they will never wither, and can be mastered, offering you an even more exclusive Mastery Sign - one that's only available to those that donated!

If you've already mastered both of these crops, and are looking for another Limited Edition offering to master, how about going after the Poinsettia mastery sign next? Luckily, these flowers will be available for the next 48 days, giving you plenty of time to grow them, if you've been working on other things.

Have you mastered both the White Pumpkin and the Candy Cane crops? Will you donate before tomorrow in order to grow Candy Canes for a week? Let us know your thoughts on limited edition crops in the comments.