Wishful Features: Full business rotation in CityVille

In my opinion, one of the best things about Zynga's newest game, CityVille, is the sheer amount of customization players are allowed when it comes to placing items in our cities. We can place individual flower pots, trees, and the like, along with sidewalks, lamp posts, stop signs, and every other functional item a town needs to, well... function.

However, when it comes to placing actual buildings in our town, that customization is a bit two-sided. On one hand, we have the ability to rotate any residential building (Homes, Apartment Complexes, etc.) in four directions, allowing you to have the front of said building facing in any direction that you'd like. This allows you to intricately decorate back yards, create full alleyways and the like, and really make your city come to live.

However, in terms of placing Businesses, these businesses can only be situated to face one of two directions - either to the SW, or to the SE, as pictured in the image at the top of this post. There is no option, currently, to allow for a business to be situated in such a way as to show off its backside, and that seems rather odd to me. Why force users to place roads to connect to the "front" side of these businesses, when we aren't forced to do so for residences? If we could have the same freedom when placing businesses as we do when placing homes, I can only imagine the amount of creativity that users would come up with in designing their towns.

It's conceivable that this feature will be added to the game in the future, as CityVille is still extremely new, but we've learned form experience that the more vocal users are about an issue or wish, the more likely Zynga is to listen, and we sincerely hope that they do here.

That being the case, if you share this Wishful Feature, let us know in the comments. Now that you've had some time to really jump into the city-building game, let us know what other features you'd like to see added.


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