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ski travel insurance

So you're excited to hit the ski slopes and begin your ski vacation, right? You have your insulated socks, snow goggles, and parka ready to go. Gloves are packed. You've checked off everything on your list of things you need for skiing, but you have the strange feeling that you're forgetting something. Could it be that you've forgotten to purchase ski travel insurance?

Well, if you're reading this, you've most likely thought about it. But what are the things to consider when looking for ski travel insurance?

Whether you're traveling to the top ski destinations in the United States or the best slopes in all of Europe, having the most appropriate travel insurance is essential. This means buying special insurance that will cover you if you have a sports-related accident or end up with stolen sports equipment. Many people make the mistake of thinking that all travel insurance is the same, but many plans won't cover you if you're partaking in a sporting activity. That's why winter sport or ski travel insurance is important when you take to the snow.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at winter sports travel insurance:

1. Saving money is important, but don't cut too many corners. The idea of "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is" is still relevant. It may be tempting to buy the cheapest policy that you can find, but that policy may be missing essential components you need. As boring as reading the fine print is, take the time to do it. Cheap ski vacations can be had, but don't pinch too many pennies on the insurance.

2. Know what kind of coverage you need for your situation. This can be daunting for many, especially those not versed in the ways of insurance. If you're going on a snowboard or ski vacation, there are a few aspects of the insurance you want to consider:

• Does the plan offer sufficient medical coverage? You surely don't want to have a major accident, only to find out your coverage is woefully inadequate.
• Does the plan offer some kind of accident coverage? Considering accidental death or injury as well as accidental damage to your sports equipment is important.
• Does the plan offer some sort of weather and travel coverage? If there's too much snow (or not enough), your travel plans could be altered.
• Does the plan offer coverage for theft and loss to equipment? If your ski pass or snow board gets stolen, you want some kind of peace of mind.

In many cases it makes sense to shoot for a ski travel insurance plan that is customizable, rather than going with a blanket plan. If you're a beginner who's not going to do too many risky things, then getting a higher deductible/excess for your medical coverage may make sense. This may not work so well for experienced thrill seekers.

3. Consider group, multi-trip, or annual policies to save money. If you're in a situation where you can travel with a group of people - whether it's a family ski vacation or gathering of friends - it's possible to save a bit of money by insuring the entire group. There's one caveat: folks who are significantly older or who have pre-existing conditions may raise premiums for everyone else in the group. If this is the case, an individual policy may be better for such individuals.

Multi-trip and annual ski travel insurance policies may be more economical and practical than one-trip policies, especially for those who plan on skiing on several occasions during the year. Just be sure to verify how the policy works if you try to apply it to non-winter travel activities.

4. Use the Internet to find the best ski vacation insurance for you. Here are a few options for those looking for ski travel insurance. They may not be the cheapest options, but all of these businesses are experienced with this subset of insurance. (U.S. and Canada) and (U.K.) offer unique and utilitarian travel insurance options for the most active of travelers.
USI Affinity (U.S) may be an option for those looking for different travel packages.
Snowcard (U.K.) is a specialist in activity and ski travel insurance.
Ski-Insurance (U.K.) is another options with a wide variety of single-trip and annual plans.

If you're looking for cheap ski travel insurance, you may also have some luck using an insurance aggregator like

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