McDonald's Oatmeal Latest Addition to Morning Fare

McDonald's sign to advertise McDonald's Oatmeal
McDonald's sign to advertise McDonald's Oatmeal

While chains like Wendy's and Subway struggle to carve a niche in the to-go breakfast business, market leader McDonald's continues to expand its menu. This time it's following the successful lead of Starbucks in jumping on the oatmeal bandwagon. McDonald's Oatmeal (destined, not doubt, for the nickname McOatmeal) will add yet another budget item to the already-crowded McDonald's roster of morning fare, joining favorites such as the Egg McMuffin, pancakes and a variety of coffee-based offerings.

The introduction comes on the heels of an earlier successful roll-out by coffee giant Starbucks, which has found success with its instant steel-cut oats with dried fruit and nuts.

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