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hot siteQuintCareers (officially Quintessential Careers) is a comprehensive career tools site designed to help people find their ideal careers and jobs -- from students trying to discover their career passions to mature workers re-entering the work force... and everyone in between!

AOL Jobs recently spoke to Kathy Hansen, founder of QuintCareers, to learn more about the site.

Q. What type of information will people find on QuintCareers?

A. We currently offer more than 4,500 pages of no-cost resources -- articles, tutorials, samples, e-books, and other tools -- covering every aspect of the job-search, including career exploration, cover letters, job interviewing, networking, resumes, salary negotiation... and much more. If someone is looking for career or job-search advice on just about any topic, he or she will find it on Quintessential Careers.

We also provide key tools and resources for students related to college and gradate school. Besides students, job-seekers and career-changers, career coaches and counselors also use our site.

Our mission is to provide the content and motivation to empower people to achieve their educational goals, find their true career passion, and obtain their ideal job.

Q. How does QuintCareers work?

A. People can start anywhere on our site and quickly find the information they seek using our navigation tools, A-Z site index, or site search engine. We try to include both advice and samples for all our major categories of career and job-search advice. For example, a person visiting the site can read about some key strategies for preparing job-interview responses and then follow a link to review examples of effective interview responses.

We've found that the majority of visitors find us as the result of a search-engine query -- even though thousands of sites link to us (and we encourage folks to link to our site). Once on the site, most people quickly find the information they need and incorporate it into their job-search. Others linger for hours, truly uncovering the wealth of information and resources we provide.

We also offer several blogs that offer a wealth of information, including tips on cover letters and resumes, job-search news and information, and expert advice in response to visitor questions.

Q. What was the inspiration for QuintCareers?

A. Back in the mid-1990s, we were providing free workshops to students and job-seekers, focused mainly on resumes and cover letters (based on our first book, 'Dynamic Cover Letters'). We loved conducting the workshops, but were seeking to help a larger audience to educate about the best strategies for conducting a job search. We also found that the college students we were teaching were very ill-prepared for job-hunting and the workplace. About that time, one of the founding partners, Dr. Randall Hansen, took a seminar on the Internet and Web publishing.

Quintessential Careers was launched in 1996 when we published several of our workshops as tutorials. We did not start the site with grand plans to make it one of the most comprehensive career sites on the Web -- we simply wanted to reach and help more people. Shortly after we launched the site, however, we began receiving e-mails from visitors asking for more information on a much wider variety of career and job-hunting issues, and through the years our goal has been to deliver on those requests by adding additional content and tools. Of course, today, we constantly scan the employment scene and attempt to proactively provide the most useful resources for our visitors.

Q. What's your favorite feature on the site?

A. It's hard to choose, but if we had to name just one, it would be our monthly ezine, QuintZine, which we started publishing a few years after we founded Quintessential Careers. Each monthly issue updates readers with our most recently added articles, tools, and resources.

We designed QuintZine to be a must-read for job-seekers, career-changers, career counselors and advisers, high school and college students, and anyone who is looking for college, career, and job-search information, articles, and resources. Each issue focuses on a theme, such as resumes, interviewing, career change.

Q. Can you share a success story about someone who landed their job using QuintCareers?

A. We hear from so many of our visitors, probably receiving an average of an e-mail a day. Many of these folks have specific issues or questions, but many also contact us to thank us for giving them the resources and confidence to succeed. When job-seekers take our advice to heart and put that advice into action, they often achieve positive results.

One of our favorite stories is from a job-seeker who used QuintCareers to land her first job after college about a year and a half ago -- and has continued to use QuintCareers to help her achieve a first promotion. She is currently using our site to further sharpen her resume as she has been asked to submit her credentials for yet another promotion. She raves about how the information on QuintCareers has empowered her career (and career advancement), and has become an advocate for our site, recommending QuintCareers to all her job-seeking friends.

Q. What's on the horizon for QuintCareers?

A. A lot -- including adding additional content to soon be offering more than 5,000 pages of free career content. In 2011, we celebrate our 15th anniversary, and we are deep in the planning for adding some exciting new features and other resources that help celebrate our 15 years while providing additional useful tools for our visitors. We are also in the preliminary phases of planning the Fourth annual Job Action Day, which takes place Nov. 7, 2011. QuintCareers started Job Action Day ( in 2008 as a day of empowerment for workers and job-seekers -- to put career and jobs in the forefront, making plans, taking action steps.

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