FarmVille Tree Update: Sugar Plum Tree now available, Mint Candy Tree fixed

If you're a tree-lover, you'll be happy to know that there are two items to report on with tonight's FarmVille update. The first bit of news comes in the form of the official release of the Sugar Plum tree as part of the Winter Holiday theme of items, while the second sees Zynga apparently fixing the many issues associated with the recently released Mint Candy Tree.

First things first, the Sugar Plum Tree is now available to purchase from the store for 5 Farm Cash. Considering that this is a limited time tree, only available for the next 35 days as part of the Winter Holiday theme of items, the price is actually quite low. You can harvest the tree every 2 days, and you'll receive 150 coins in the process of doing so. Finally, the tree can be mastered, with the first star of mastery being available after 75 harvests.

In trying to figure out why the price of the Sugar Plum Tree is so low, perhaps it could be because the price of our next tree, the Mint Candy Tree, is so high. How are the two connected? The Mint Candy Tree is a level 2 tree, available from mystery seedlings, and reportedly also available from specific seedlings received when harvesting from an orchard that contains a Sugar Plum Tree. That being the case, the 5 Farm Cash price for the Sugar Plum Tree could help ensure that all users eventually get their hands on a Mint Candy Tree through the Mystery Seedling system, rather than having to pay 30 Farm Cash for the tree outright.

Speaking of this Mint Candy Tree, the problems that we detailed yesterday, that saw the tree being displayed as other kinds of trees in the store image, and then becoming entirely invisible when placed on a players farm, have now been fixed with tonight's update. Feel free to spend the 30 Farm Cash, if you simply can't wait for a Mystery Seedling to appear that may end up growing into one.

Interestingly, even though the Mint Candy Tree seems like it should be listed as a Winter Holiday limited edition offering, it is currently entirely white in the store, so it's presumable that it is in fact a permanent addition to the store, rather than something you'll need to rush to purchase. That's good news for farmers, as the lack of a limited edition branding will allow you more time to save up the necessary Farm Cash to purchase it (if you can concede to spending that much on one tree in the first place - I don't think I could).

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Did you already purchase a Mint Candy Tree in FarmVille? Did you see a change in your tree after tonight's update, or are you still receiving problems? Let us know in the comments.

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