Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash via Step Up 3 promotion

With FarmVille in the midst of its holiday celebration for this year, many users are finding themselves splurging on item after item, not only as gifts for themselves, but as gifts for friends. What better way to help you continue that generous giving spirit than to earn yourself some free Farm Cash (a gift in and of itself, from Zynga to you).

You'll be able to earn 2 free Farm Cash via a new cross-promotion that Zynga has set up with Step Up 3, the third installment in the popular film series about dancing. This promotion can be accessed by heading to FarmVille's game page on Facebook, and then scrolling down to the bottom of the flash gameplay area, where you'll see the "Sponsored Link" area, as seen at the top right of this post.

Clicking on that link will bring up a new window, where you'll be asked to "Watch five Step Up 3 videos and vote for your favorite!" Unfortunately, you can't get out of this without watching at least one video. You can, of course, watch as many of them as you'd like, but as soon as you've watched a single video, you can click on the "Vote" button next to it to be able to move on.

As soon as you submit your answer, you'll see the exciting "You've earned your Farm Cash" text appear in the top right corner of this new window, which can then be closed. Simply refresh the FarmVille game page, and you'll see that your in-game Farm Cash total will have increased by two. Sure, two Farm Cash may not be enough to purchase... well, most anything in the store, but if you keep doing these new activities as they appear in the game, you'll soon have enough to buy something really special for yourself or for your friends this holiday.

Will you complete this short activity to earn 2 free Farm Cash in FarmVille, or do you not think the prize is worth the time it takes to complete it? Let us know in the comments.