Cafe World: Level up in Mafia Wars for a free Lightning Stove

Everyone knows that one of the best things to happen to Cafe World is the addition of Lightning Stoves some months ago, but many players still haven't been able to outfit their entire cafes with these convenient appliances (they allow for one-click cooking after all - none of that "Stirring" or "Dicing" business anymore).

That being the case, Zynga has offered a free Cafe World Lightning Stove to all players that will participate in a new cross-promotional event with Zynga's mob game, Mafia Wars. Users that have been playing Cafe World since these stoves were first introduced will recognize this stove, as it is the red version of the same sort of stove released way back when. All you'll need to do to earn a Lightning Stove for yourself is click on the small lightning stove icon in the top left corner of the screen, and click on the "Play Mafia Wars" link from the pop-up that appears in order to activate the promotion on your account.

From there, simply level up in Mafia Wars 2 times - that's right, just gain 2 levels - and you'll be the proud owner of a bright red Lightning Stove, that will not only cook your food in one-click, but will cook dishes 10% faster than a traditional stove to boot! Once you've completed this task, a new window will pop-up in Mafia Wars, giving you a link to load Cafe World where your new stove will be waiting for you in your inventory (you'll see a x1 next to the stove, which would cost 35 Cafe Cash otherwise).

To be especially clear, only users that make it to a minimum of level 8 will be able to receive this free stove, so before the promotion starts, you'll need to be at at least level 6, to avoid having to level up more than the promotion's standard of two times. Also, the stove you win as a prize is a completely built stove, ready to start cooking on immediately - no building necessary!

There's no telling how long Zynga will keep this promotion active, so make sure take advantage of it while you can!

How many Lightning Stoves have you earned in Cafe World? Will you participate in this event to earn another? Let us know in the comments.