Cafe World Collections Guide: Free Coins, CP, & Spices for all!

Since the Collections Cabinet was launched in Cafe World at the end of October, users everywhere have been clamoring for collection items, which are found through simply cooking (cooking anything in the Cafe World cookbook will give you a chance at randomly finding an item), in an effort to earn the numerous rewards available for turning these collections in.

As of this writing, there are five collections available to finish (each of which has five items, for a total of 25 collectibles), with a wide range of prizes, from simple Cafe Points (the game's experience points) and coins, to Spice packs and even exclusive recipes. As you'll only be able to earn these items by continually cooking in the game, and the chance of receiving items from each collection seem to be quite equal, we thought we would give you guys a detailed look at these new collections, to show you wish items you'll most want to keep a lookout for.

For those that haven't finished building the Collections Cabinet, this will also give you a complete glimpse at what awaits you when you've finished constructing it. All of the details concerning these five collections, including the prizes you'll receive, can be found behind the break.

First and foremost, you'll be able to access your Collections by looking inside your completely built Collections Cabinet, either by clicking on the Collections Cabinet proper (the item that physically stands in your cafe), or by clicking on the stainless steel drawer icon in the game's bottom menu. From there, you'll be able to click on the "Trade In" button next to any particular collection (as seen in the screenshot below) to earn your prizes).

The first collection is called Kitchen Navigation. This collection requires the following five items:

Can Opener
Cutting Board
Salad Bowl
Simple Wine Opener
Wooden Spoon

Rewards for completion: 250 Cafe Points & 250 Coins

The next collection is Stainless Pots and Pans, and, as you might have guessed, you'll need to collect five different stainless steel cooking pans in order to turn it in. The five items are:

Stainless Frying Pan
Stainless Omlette Pan (this misspelling is native in the game)
Stainless Sauce Pan
Stainless Saute Pan
Stainless Skillet

Rewards for completion: 3 Six--hour Thymes & 500 coins (these Six-hour Thymes lessen the cooking time of any currently cooking dish by three hours)

The third collection is the Simple Dinnerware collection, that has you collecting four plates and one bowl through cooking. The five required items are:

Bread and Butter Plate
Dinner Plate
Salad Plate
Serving Dish
Soup Bowl

Rewards for completion: Unlock the Royal Feast recipe & 500 coins

The Royal Feast recipe is found on just the second page of the in-game Cookbook, under the "Fundamentals" section. It is a 12 hour dish, requiring 840 coins to cook. It offers 600 servings once completed, which are sold for 5 coins each, for a total of 3,000 coins in return. You'll earn 219 Cafe Points in the process of cooking and serving each Royal Feast.

The fourth collection is the Simple Pots and Pans collection. Not to be confused with the Stainless Pots and Pans collection above, these items are entirely different, basic versions of those stainless steel items. In this case, most of the pots are black, with some red and white accents. The five items are:

Frying Pan
Omlette Pan (again, this misspelling is also in the game)
Sauce Pan
Saute Pan

Rewards for completion: 250 Cafe Points & 250 Coins

Finally, the fifth and last available collection (as of this writing), is the Cutting for Beginners collection. While this might sound like a class for those that are easily depressed, rather than a cooking collection, we'll give Zynga the benefit of the doubt here. This is, obviously, a knife collection, requiring the following knives:

Utility Knife
Chef's Knife
Paring Knife
Bread Knife
Carving Knife

Rewards for completion: +5 Energy points & 500 coins (Energy is used when preparing drinks and coffee for your guests before they sit down to dine on your current dishes)

As a note to those who need some of these items for their collections, the first item on all of these lists is the most rare, so you're likely to have a harder time finding them than all other collectibles. Still, with enough continuous gameplay, you're likely to have a full supply of these items - enough to trade them in time and time again, and continue to rake in the rewards.

If you do want to get your hands on a particular item right this second, however, you can add any item to your wishlist via the green plus sign next to each item. Your wishlist can contain up to five items, which your friends may voluntarily send you by hovering over your picture in their friends bar at the bottom of the screen and offering up any item they happen to have. The same goes for you, if you'd like to help your friends instead. Simply hover over your friends' picture in your neighbor bar, and their wishlist will automatically appear. If they need any collectible items, that you have duplicates of, you can make their day by sending one their way.

And there you have it! A complete guide to Cafe World Collections that should have you rolling in riches and fame (well, maybe not fame) in no time flat! Remember, if you've yet to complete building your Collections Cabinet, you can earn a boost in the right direction by using our Quick Gifting links for the ingredients required to build it. Simply offer those to your friends, and you'll have the cabinet completed in no time!

Have you started trading in collections in Cafe World? Do you think the items are easy to earn, or are some of them too rare? Let us know in the comments.
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