FarmVille's Winter Whimsy Gift Box: What's inside?


With yesterday's release of the Winter Holiday Tree in FarmVille, we see the release of an interesting new prize that you can redeem your hard-earned presents for. The item is called the Winter Whimsy, and it looks like a Mystery Box of old, made of two different colors. As of right now, you can redeem 10 presents for a Winter Whimsy gift, and in doing so, you'll have a chance at receiving a whole slew of different items.

Here's a list of the confirmed items that have been received when opening a Winter Whimsy box (turns out you won't have to wait until next week to get your hands on some of these items, like was first believed, as they are available right now - Snow Stallion and Ice House, I'm looking at you):

Ice House
Animal Feed
5,000 coins
Large Can of Fuel
1/5 Can of Fuel
Tinsel Tree
Snow Stallion

Yes, farmers, the Snow Stallion is available to receive from the Winter Whimsy box. I know this is difficult to believe, because the Snow Stallion will also be available for 500 presents once you overfill your Holiday Tree's meter, but we can confirm that the item is in the gift box, even if it is the rarest prize available, as some very lucky farmers over on the official FarmVille forums have been receiving them for themselves.

And there you have it! A complete list of items that you may win when redeeming for the Winter Whimsy box, giving you more than enough to go on to decide whether or not you think redeeming 10 gifts is worth the risk of ending up with just 1/5 Can of Fuel.

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Will you redeem any of your Gifts for the Winter Whimsy gift box? If you receive a Snow Stallion yourself, we'd love to hear about it! Which other item would you most like to receive from inside? Let us know in the comments.