FarmVille Sneak Peek: Holiday Elf Pig, Elf Costume, and Ski Bunny Costume


In an effort to keep you as up to date as possible about all things happening in the world of FarmVille, we've come across a set of three new unreleased images for Winter Holiday items that we believe will be released in the game in the near future.

These three items are the Elf Pig, and two costumes for your avatar: the Elf Costume and the Ski Bunny Costume. As of right now, the details are slim concerning all three items, as we are unsure when they will be released, along with their prices, or even if they will be made available as free gifts, or just as items available to purchase in the store.

We can speculate, however, that should the Elf Costume and Ski Bunny Costume be made available in the store (this makes sense, as there would be one costume for boys, and one costume for girls to purchase), that they will be available for 10 Farm Cash each, as that is the current price of the Santa and Reindeer costumes that have already been released in the game as part of this year's Winter Holiday theme.

For the Elf Pig, this looks like an item that would also be made available for Farm Cash, as it is incredibly rare for Zynga to release a limited edition animal for coins.

Remember, there is no guarantee that we'll actually see any of these items in the game, so keep that in mind.

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Will you spend 10 Farm Cash to purchase either of these costumes for your in-game avatar, or will you choose to save your Farm Cash for the Elf Pig, should it also cost the game's premium currency? Let us know in the comments.