FarmVille: Mint Candy Tree now available, but there's a catch


As we reported a few days ago, the Mint Candy Tree was then an unreleased tree that we expected would be released in FarmVille in the near future. It turns out that the future is now, as technically speaking, the tree is now available to purchase in the game's store. It's listed as a regular, permanent addition to the store, so your best bet at easily finding it is to sort the tree area of the store by "Name (A-Z)."

Once you've found the tree, you'll see that you can purchase this level 2 tree for 30 Farm Cash. However, the image associated with the tree is entirely wrong, as you can see from the picture to the right (the tree in that picture appears to be a Granny Smith Apple Tree). The actual Mint Candy Tree looks like the image below:

To save yourself some Farm Cash (and some headache), it is believed that this new tree will actually be available as Mystery Seedlings produced when placing a Sugar Plum Tree in one of your orchards, but that tree has yet to be released in the game, so we can't confirm this rumor as of this time.

All of that being said, it's up to you whether or not you'd like to risk purchasing one of these trees early, before Zynga has a chance to fix the many issues associated with it. Was the tree released early by mistake? Is there just a glitch in the system that no one seems to have noticed yet? It's presumable that Zynga will allow those users that purchase the tree to keep it once they've fixed it, but in the off chance that they have to remove those purchased trees from the game, we'd suggest waiting until they have sorted everything out before spending the premium currency.

Is the Mint Candy Tree working properly on your farm? Have you purchased one and noticed any bugs with the tree yourself? Are you willing to risk losing your Farm Cash just to have one of these trees right now, without waiting? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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