Facebook How-To: Discovering new games on Facebook


With the Facebook gaming world being filled with literally thousands upon thousands of different apps that any one player could potentially try, it can be incredibly difficult to find new games to play. Wanting to find out what the newest released games are? Good luck searching for titles in the Facebook Search bar, as you're likely to find apps that A) may not even exist or B) existed at one point but have been shut down, their fan pages still lingering in space.

That being said, there actually is a way to look at all of the new applications and games that have been added to Facebook, but this app listing's location can be a bit hard to find. In fact, unless you are particularly searching for it, it's unlikely that you'd just stumble into finding it.

That being the case, in the interest of helping you guys find all of the new games that you might want to play on Facebook, we've put together a Facebook How-To, detailing the exact steps you'll need to go through to look at the games directory, and how to do so by looking at the newest games before all else. This is all done within Facebook proper - you just have to know where to look.

Meet us behind the break for a full guide on how to find new apps.