Zynga gives Mafia Wars' home page a makeover

New Mafia Wars Home Page
Damn, Mafia Wars, you lookin' good. Mmmm mmm mm. That's what Zynga might expect a lot of its players will be saying when they log in to the game today only to see that its home page looks brand new. As a matter of fact, it is brand new. The company decided it was time to make navigation simpler in Mafia Wars, doing away with the Daily Checklist while emphasizing features that players will most likely care more about.

You'll notice that those thin, barely noticeable banner ads for weekly events have received much more screen real estate with what appears to be room for two advertisements. Below that is something completely different: "Game Progress" and "Build Your Empire." The former, found on the left hand side, allows players to jump right into the game from where they left off, displaying detailed information about their current Mastery and Energy Packs. Below that details your latest activity in the most recent cities you've visited.

The latter will appear on the right hand side and it seems like this will allow you to access the week's particular gifting or building events, in this case being the "Private Zoo" event. Below that is where players can buy the game's featured Reward Point items like the current Miami Vice loot. Aside from this, it doesn't seem as if much else has changed, but this is a welcome improvement if anything. Unfortunately, this change is slowly being rolled out to players, which means I've yet to receive the change. Keep your eyes peeled to Mafia Wars to make sure you take advantage of the changes as early as possible.

Has your home page been changed yet? What other improvements would you like to see come to Mafia Wars? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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