The Funniest Flight Safety Announcements

Let's face it: The traditional airplane "safety demo" borders on tedious for the passengers and embarrassing for the poor crew who, flight after flight, must wave their arms at the exits and put on the yellow flotation device and breathing mask like a geriatric duck on life support. Not that the information isn't vitally important. Thankfully, some airlines are getting our undivided attention by turning safety demos into clever raps, comedy monologues, and even choreographed dance numbers. In honor of these novel approaches to flight announcements, here's our list of the most creative and unexpected airplane safety demos.

9. Cebu Pacific Sexy Safety Dance
It's no surprise that there are a few Lady Gaga fans on the Cebu Pacific staff, considering how fast Gaga fever has spread worldwide. But turning that love of saucy pop music into an onboard choreographed dance number is something else indeed. The passengers of this airplane look utterly stunned (and somewhat alarmed) when the electro-pop music starts blaring from the cabin speakers. But when the Cebu Pacific flight attendants strut down the aisle to perform a safety demo in sync to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance," complete with sexy seatbelt moves, all eyes are on the performance.

8. Southwest Airlines Rap
Does Southwest Airlines have a rapping prerequisite on their flight attendant job application? This is just one of many Southwest flight safety raps that have gone viral online. On this flight to Oklahoma, a Southwest attendant lays out an entire rap as an introduction to flight crew and airplane rules. "All I need you to do is stomp and clap, and I'm gonna do the rest. Because I've had five flights today, and I just cannot do the regular, boring announcement again, or I'm gonna put myself to sleep." The passengers oblige this odd request, and the whole plane joins in the fun, clapping in time to the safety rap.

7. Virgin America Sketch Comedy
This weird and wonderful cartoon by Virgin America is not only visually interesting, but quite informative to boot. The hand-drawn animation hosts a cast of quirky passengers who demonstrate the airplane safety features with comedic effect. It also makes reference to feelings that passengers have when listening to the preflight instructions, such as the great one-liner: "For the .0001 percent of you who have never operated a seatbelt before, it works like this."

6. ATA Airlines Laugh-A-Minute
Too bad ATA Airlines went out of business. It turns out the staff of the now-defunct airline had a great sense of humor, as flight attendant Kurt Stecker shows in these announcements turned stand-up routine. Stecker keeps the passengers laughing with a steady barrage of jokes. There's even a subtle jab at how airlines charge for almost anything nowadays, saying that if the breathing mask is used "oxygen will flow at a rate of $2.00 for the first minute then 99 cents for each additional minute."

5. WestJet Preflight Stand-Up
This WestJet flight attendant, caught on camera by a passenger from behind the seat, seems really excited to give the "safety lecture," as comedian George Carlin once put it, probably because he's spent all day thinking up new material. After a snarky introduction of his fellow crewmates, he gives a very jokey rundown of the safety instructions with lines such as "I know 50 ways to get out of a relationship, but only six to get out of this aircraft."

4. Thomson Airline's Tiny Travelers
What's cuter than British schoolchildren? A whole plane of them play the passengers and flight crew in this video for Thomson Airlines, narrated by an adorable schoolgirl with a proper English accent. The funniest moments from this Thompson Airline video come from the way the youngsters act like real passengers, dressed up in cute tourist outfits.

3. Hilary Clinton Campaigns in the Air
This video comes from the heat of 2008 presidential primary, when Hillary Clinton was in a clincher with now President Obama. Hillary gives the preflight announcements a political spin, saying, "If you look out from the right, you'll see an America saddled with tax cuts for the wealthiest and a war without end. If you look out from the left, you'll see an America with a strong middle class at home and a strong reputation in the world."

2. New Zealand Rugby Match Up
Air New Zealand has a knack for zany ads and kooky ways of promoting the airline. Looking to top their body-paint videos from last year, Air New Zealand has created this funny airline safety demo that features the All Blacks rugby team in connection with the Rugby World Cup 2011. There are cameos from the handsome players, a grandma with a lipstick-kissed poster of a team member, and even a fawning fan who's left so breathless by a brush in the aisles with a rugby player that she has to strap on her airplane breathing mask.

1. Alaska Airlines Monologue
The deadpan preflight announcements on this Alaska Airlines flight makes the subtle one-liners that much more funny. It takes a little while for the passengers to catch on, but eventually the chuckles start rolling down the aisles. The best line comes when the flight attendant asks the passengers to look over the safety card in their seat pocket "because we stayed up all night coloring in those pictures, while we were baking cookies for your flight this morning."

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