New FarmVille Ribbon: Looking Fresh


In an unannounced FarmVille update, Zynga has added a new ribbon to the popular farming game (bringing the current total to 40 ribbons), this one called "Looking Fresh." If the name doesn't give it away, this ribbon has to do with the relatively new ability to change your in-game avatar's clothing.

All you need to do to earn this ribbon is simply change your avatar's clothes. You can do this by clicking on your Avatar and then customizing their outfit from the menu that appears. However, you must do this "once per day" in order for it to count. We would say that this is a bit strict on Zynga's part, especially with the holidays coming up, and people spending more time with friends and family rather than playing on Facebook, but that's apparently the way it is.

As with all other ribbons, you'll be able to earn four different ribbons in this set: Yellow, White, Red and Blue. The Yellow Ribbon is earned after changing your clothes just 3 times, or in three days time. White is earned after a week's worth (7 days) of clothing changes, Red is awarded at 10 changes, and finally, the Blue ribbon is received after changing your avatar's clothing 20 times. Withe every new ribbon that you earn, you'll gain coins and experience points (the better ribbon, the more the reward, of course).

For daily players, the biggest problem with this ribbon will be actually remembering to take a few seconds to change your avatar's clothing.

Note: As of this writing, it doesn't appear as though simply swapping out clothing items in your inventory will do the trick to racking up "clothing changes," as we went through our stock inventory and never saw any progress. It was only after purchasing a 5,000 top from the store that we actually received one mark on our tally. We've contacted Zynga for confirmation, and we'll be sure to let you know if this changes, or if you really will have to purchase 20 pieces of clothing as soon as we hear back.

Will you take the time to change your avatar's clothing this much just to earn an in-game ribbon? What if you didn't have to pay coins to change their clothing? Let us know your thoughts on this stylish new ribbon in the comments.