How to Ditch Daily Deal Fatigue

a young man is exhausted by his laptop - daily deal fatigueThere are so many deal a day sites or daily deal components to other sites that a person could lose their mind -- or at least the better part of day -- exploring all the options. To make matters worse, individual retailers are getting into the act and launching one of a kind promotions. We're not ones to turn our noses up at a little hard work, especially when the payoff is paying less, but there are other things in life than tracking a daily deal. How can you manage the resulting daily deal fatigue?

Luckily, aggregator sites are popping up all over the blogosphere. And if you're looking to daily deals to help lower your holiday shopping costs, these services can help save time and money.

Groupon, YouSwoop, LivingSocial, Woot ... these are all websites offering a single deal each day for select cities.You can sign up to get email alerts from all of these sites, letting you know what the day's deals are. Or you can sign up for one alert from a site like Yipit lets you select the types of deals you're interested in -- restaurants, salons, travel -- and then scans approximately 20 deal sites and delivers the relevant list to your inbox each day.

Local newspapers are getting into the act in an attempt to gain ad revenue. The Chicago Tribune aggregates the deals each day, sends out alerts to registered users, lets you search by product category, and awards points that act as cash back when a deal is bought through the Chicago Shopping link. And while many of the deals are local, Chicago Shopping is aggregating deals from national retailers including Macy's and Best Buy.

Sites like Dealnews, Brads Deals and look over daily deals and other promotions and highlight the best of them each day. And while none specifically focus on daily deals, a spokesman for FatWallet tells WalletPop, "that many of our Best Deals, which are a select group of daily deals researched and posted as 'best' of the Internet, come from retailer daily deals." Additionally, there's been an explosion of chatter on FatWallet forums about the daily offerings.

These sites actually do save you money, especially on hot gift items like toys, electronics and services including restaurant visits. But if you're drowning in email alerts and spending a ridiculous amount of time scrolling throught the many messages, look to an aggregator to better click and save.
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