Free Zynga Cash Round-Up: Earn free premium currency in Cafe World, PetVille, & FarmVille

Everybody loves free stuff, right? After all, who wouldn't love receiving something for free, if it means being able to splurge on a little something in three of Zynga's games: Cafe World, PetVille, and FarmVille.

This brings us to the topic at hand, where we've accumulated a round-up of sorts, detailing the current promotions in those three games, allowing you to earn a bit of extra premium currency for use either immediately, or at a later date. Note: One of these promotions will actually require you to spend money, but we've detailed why we believe it's worth it in the end (hint: you'll make much more than you spend).

For details on how to earn 4 free Pet Cash in PetVille, 150 Cafe Cash in Cafe World, and 100 Farm Cash in FarmVille, meet us behind the break.

For starters, Zynga is now giving away 5 free Pet Cash to PetVille players, via a new cross-promotional activity with Stylesip, program concerned with fashion. This promotion is activated by clicking on the "Get Pet Coins & Cash" link at the top of the PetVille gameplay area, and scrolling down until you see the promotion under "Earn PetVille Cash!" The link will look like this:

Once clicked, a new window will appear, where you can simply answer a poll question that asks "What king of Stylesip girl are you today?" You'll be able to answer anyway you'd like, at which point you'll be shown a short video and another poll question concerning a certain fashionista, and which look you like on her best. Again, answer this question in any way you'd like, even if you don't read it, and you'll be rewarded with your free Pet Cash. You'll be alerted to this via small text that appears in the top right corner of the newly opened window, which says as much.

Simply refresh the game and voila! Your in-game Pet Cash total will have risen by 4. Not bad for a few seconds of work, eh?

Moving on, the new promotion in Cafe World is one with GameFly, and it will reward users with 150 free Cafe Cash if they sign up for one of GameFly's two subscription services. GameFly, for those that aren't familiar, is a video game rental service, that is very much like Netflix, except with video games. You can take advantage of this offer by clicking on the window that appears at the bottom of the Cafe World gameplay window, as seen below.

For entirely new members to the service, clicking on this link will allow you to initiate the sign-up process, where you will learn of GameFly's subscription costs, which are both less than $10 a month. Yes, this offer will cost you some money to initiate, but you'll earn 150 Cafe Cash in return, and you can cancel the GameFly subscription after your first month to avoid additional costs. With the current cost of simply purchasing Cafe Cash, the 150 Cafe Cash equates to more than $20 US, so you'll actually be making money off of the deal, while being able to take advantage of a few video game rentals in the process.

Finally, the offer in FarmVille is one that might sound familiar, as we've seen offers with this particular company in the past. Zynga's FarmVille promotion is one with Netflix, the movie rental service that we briefly mentioned above. In this deal, you can take advantage of Netflix's one month free trial service to earn 100 Farm Cash in return, absolutely free.

You'll find this offer underneath the gameplay window, as the Sponsored Link shown below. While this may sound like a deal as complex as the Gamefly offer in Cafe World, here it seems that there are no penalties for simply signing up for Netflix's free trial to receive your cash. You can, of course, keep this free trial for the entire month, if you'd like, but the fine print of this offer states that you won't have your Farm Cash revoked, so long as you keep the service active for at least 4 business days.

What does this mean in the long run? It means that if you're willing to wait four days to finalize this offer and earn permanent rights to your free Farm Cash, you'll walk away with a whopping 100 free Farm Cash with no money out of pocket. Now, that's what we call a great deal. Note: This offer, like so many others, is only available to entirely new subscribers to the service.

While both the Cafe World and FarmVille offers may seem a bit complex, they do offer fantastic opportunities for you to greatly boost your Cafe Cash and Farm Cash, which should do wonders to help you progress through the current quest lines available in both (the Holiday Dinner line in Cafe World and the Festive Tree line in FarmVille). Whether or not you take the time to actually take advantage of these offers, however, is up to you.

What do you think of Zynga's newest offers in these games? Do you think they are worth taking the time to complete, or is the reward not enough in your mind? Let us know in the comments.
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