FarmVille's Thanksgiving theme ends tonight at midnight (EST)


If, for whatever reason, you've been holding off on purchasing any of FarmVille's remaining Thanksgiving-themed items, you have 1 hour and 10 minutes from the time of this writing to do some last minute shopping and/or splurging.

Don't panic, these items aren't running out of stock (in terms of quantity), so each and every player has a chance at picking up the items that they want, so long as they do so before the clock strikes midnight for those players in the Eastern Time Zone. After that point, any and all remaining Thanksgiving items will expire and disappear from the store, likely not to be seen until October or November of 2011 rolls around, when Zynga celebrates Thanksgiving once again in the farming game.

Still, as we saw this year, not all of the items from 2009 made a return, and there's no telling (as of right now) which items will or won't make a comeback next year. Do you really want to spend an entire year wondering if you'll be able to purchase that one special item that you passed on this year? Of course you don't!

The items that are still available include the Fall Nursery (pictured) for 15 Farm Cash, the Harvest Store for 300,000 coins, the Paint Horse and Black Turkey for 26 and 18 Farm Cash (respectively), the Orange Pumpkin for 1,500 coins, the Pocahontas Gnome for 12 Farm Cash, and the Autumn Fall (waterfall) for 30 Farm Cash.

Before heading to bed tonight, make sure to do your last minute shopping in FarmVille before it's too late. Don't say we didn't warn you.

With FarmVille now squarely in the "Winter Holiday" column, had you completely overlooked any of these items? Are you going to rush into purchase any of them as a last minute present to yourself or to a fellow farmer? Let us know in the comments.

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