FarmVille Holiday Tree: Everything you need to know

Holiday Tree 2010
Holiday Tree 2010

So, you've already built the Winter Workshop and the Gingerbread House is almost complete, but did you think that would really be the end of it. Of course not--this is FarmVille we're talking about here and this game is going to ring in Christmas with a bang. Zynga will be launching the 2010 edition of the Holiday Tree today and it may already be slowing rolling out to players. And for those who weren't around this year or who just want to get it right we have a full guide for how to get this prized pine tree up and running in time for Dec. 25.

You'll know when you've gotten your own Holiday Tree as you will immediately be in Placement Mode upon logging into the game. Put the tree where you see fit (next to another Holiday building would be a fine spot) and click on it to "Look Inside" like every other interactive item. (Newbie Warning: You must be Level 5 to grow your Holiday Tree, so get to leveling up about... now.)

Check after the break to find out what happens when you "Look Inside" the 2010 Holiday Tree.

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