FarmVille Holiday Tree: Sneezy Sheep, Kodiak, more coming next week

Arctic Fox
Frozen Pegasus
Ice House
Winter Tinsel Tree
Sneezy Sheep

Gypsy Horse
Gypsy Horse

As it turns out, the gifts currently in the FarmVille Holiday Tree won't be the only ones come next Thursday. That's right, the folks over at FarmVille Freak are at it again and have discovered seven unreleased items that are expected to be added to the Holiday Tree come Dec. 16. Check out what's to come and how many Gifts each will cost:

  • Sneezy Sheep: 75 Gifts

  • Winter Tinsel Tree: 100 Gifts

  • Frozen Pegasus: 125 Gifts

  • Ice House: 150 Gifts

  • Kodiak: 200 Gifts

  • Arctic Fox: 300 Gifts

  • Snow Stallion: 500 Gifts (available after breaking the Meter Limit)

If you were waiting for some better items to be featured in the Holiday Tree, well, here they are. You have a whole week to gather enough Gifts, so get to it if you'd rather have one of these items. Honestly, we'd rather wait for these bad boys. I mean, who wouldn't want a massive house made of ice on their farm? No one, that's who.

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