FarmVille Festive Tree Missions: Everything you need to know

On top of today's release of this year's Holiday Tree in FarmVille, we also see Zynga launching a new series of holiday quests in the game. These quests are brought to us again by Zing the Elf. Now that you've made your farmland look festive for the holidays via the Winter Wonderland Quests, Zing is hoping that you'll take part in these new quests, which deal with your new Holiday Tree, along with the new limited edition crops that have been added to the game in celebration of the winter / holiday season.

Meet us behind the break for a look at these new missions.
The first quest in this set is called "A Festive Tree," and it comes with three goals:

Buy Holiday Tree
Harvest 200 Poinsettias
Add 10 Gifts to your Holiday Tree

As the Holiday Tree is being rolled out to users on a slow rollout, it's possible that you may not have access to completing this portion of the quest just yet. However, if you haven't received an in-game popup letting you know that the tree has arrived on your farm, but you have received wrapped presents from friends, you may be able to "force" the tree into our account, by attempting to "Use" one of these presents from your Gift Box. This should alert you to the fact that you have yet to place your Holiday Tree on your farm, and you'll be allowed to purchase the tree for a single coin. I can personally confirm that this method does work, as it was how I finally earned my tree, but you may need to be a bit lucky to have the "exploit" work for you. Either way, it's worth a shot, no?

The other portion of this quest - the harvesting of Poinsettias - can either be skipped by paying 15 Farm Cash, or you can go through with harvesting 200 of these flowers. Poinsettias are a 1 day crop, meaning that they take a full 24 hours to b available to harvest. They are planted for 45 coins per square, and are then harvested for 126 coins. You'll gain 3 experience points for each Poinsettia seed that you plant, making these 200 worth your while to plant.

After completing the Festive Tree quest, you'll receive 100 XP, 2,500 coins, and a Snow Angel decorative item as a reward. The Snow Angel decoration looks like a pile of snow that has a snow angel indentation in it.

After finishing this quest, you'll move onto the second in the line, which is called Wrapping Presents. This quest also has three steps associated with it:

Harvest 200 Peppermint
Get 6 Sheets of Wrapping Paper
Harvest 3 Gifts from the Winter Workshop

Now that the Holiday Tree has been released, and you now have a place to actually put Christmas presents, the Winter Workshop has been updated to randomly give away gifts when you "collect" from it. These gifts will go into your Gift Box after you "collect" them, and you can then add them to your Holiday Tree just like any other gift.

As for the Peppermint, this is a permanent crop that takes 1 full day to grow. You can plant it for 50 coins and then harvest it for 150 coins per square. You'll gain 1 experience point per seed of Peppermint that you plant. Finally, you can ask for Wrapping Paper from friends in the same way that you asked for Holiday Cookies back in the Winter Wonderland Quest set.

The rewards for this second step are 250 experience points, 5,000 coins, and a Winter Sheep. This Winter Sheep is a plain white sheep that has simply been given a red scarf to protect it from the cold.

Finally, the third quest looks to be the end of this Holiday Tree quest line, but this time, it only requires you to do two tasks to complete:

Add 30 Gifts to your Holiday Tree
Fertilize 25 Plots on your neighbors farm

You'll be able to finish the second step quite easily, as you can fertilize five plots on five different neighbors' land and have this step done in a jiffy. If you have a limited number of neighbors, or don't have many neighbors with land that will accept fertilization, it is presumable that you could work on the same friends' farm over multiple days to reach the same end, but that is unconfirmed as of this time.

Also, by the time you've unlocked this mission (unless you were already growing Poinsettias at the time of their launch), you will have likely already collected close to 30 gifts, or perhaps more, from your friends. All told, this seems like the easiest quest out of the three to complete, but it comes with some great rewards if you've made it this far. You'll earn 500 experience points, 7,500 coins, and a Frozen Pegasus statue for completing it.

As more images from this quest line become available, we'll be sure to update this space. In the meantime, start planting those Poinsettias so you can finish off this quest set before the holidays arrive in full!

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We understand that the community has been pretty shaken up by the introduction of quests into FarmVille. With these new quests being available, let us know if you plan on participating in them, or if you'll just go on as usual. Does FarmVille need quests to be entertaining? Let us know in the comments.

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