Disney Chases Grown-Up Consumer with 'Tron' Merchandise

Walt Disney Co. (DIS) is pitching merchandise for its new "Tron" movie to grown-ups who may remember the original.

Hopefully, they'll be in the mood to open their wallets.

Instead of cheap toys or video games aimed at children, Disney is offering merchandise including $2,600 necklace and $795 spiked sandals, Bloomberg News reported.

The company hopes that the unconventional merchandise will help make the movie more appealing to women.

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"The demographic we got to speak to for this film was a young adult and the adult consumer who happened to be around" for the original, said Pamela Lifford, a Disney executive vice president. "We knew we had to be creative."

Disney is hoping that this creativity will help the marketing drive go beyond hard-core science fiction and fantasy fans. The movie deals with the story of Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges, trapped in a virtual world and battling against a ruthless villain.

"Our thinking is to play a lot broader," said Bailey, Disney's president of production. "We have the digital whiz-bang wizardry that gets the men in. The No. 1 job was to put a priority on story and emotion, boy meets girl."