Cafe World Holiday Dinner Goals: Everything you need to know

Get Seasonal
To get us even more pumped than we already are for the Holidays, Zynga has introduced the Holiday Dinner Goals to Cafe World. Unlike the standard Catering Order used to honor most holiday events, this series of Goals will be the precursor to an eventual Catering Order. Think of it as, say, the appetizer for the feast, but in this case the feast will be a big ol' job to do. The aim of these Goals is to guide players along in learning the three limited edition recipes that we imagine will be required to complete the next Catering Order. There is a grand total of seven Goals to the Holiday Dinner series, so let's get on with it.

1. Get Seasonal
This Goal is simple enough, requiring players simply visit their friends and spice their stove, which should make 100 coins in the process regardless. All the while you'll need to bake two Pumpkin Pies, a Level 3 recipe that takes 12 hours to prepare. Complete this Goal and you'll receive the Stocking Row decoration.

Join us behind the break for a look at Goals 2 through 7.

Spread Some Cheer
2. Spread Some Cheer
In the second Goal to the series, all you need to do is visit two Neighbors, ask your friends for some RSVPs, which will come in handy later on, and buy one Winter Snack. This item is available in the Decor section for 6,000 coins. Some players in the forums are reporting that this might be a bug considering it was only 300 coins days earlier, so you might want to sit tight on this one in case Zynga puts out a fix. Your reward for completing this Goal is 1 Cafe Cash.

Waldorf Salad
3. Waldorf Salad
If you hadn't guessed yet, this aptly named Goal will reward you with the new Waldorf Salad recipe, which we imagine will prove useful in the imminent Catering Order coming our way. Depending on how you look at Goals like these, this can be both good and bad. All you can do here is ask away for your friends to gift you these ingredients to learn the Waldorf Salad.

4. Warm Up Your Guests
This Goal will task players with finding five more RSVPs, which again can be found through asking our friends. Unfortunately, this Goal also appears to be bugged as it asks players to buy an item called "Holiday Chimney," yet this is nowhere in the game at this time. (Please feel free to tip us off if you find it.) The final requirement is to serve 10 Apple Ciders, the first drink in the Drink Bar menu which costs 8 Energy per six servings.
Ham it Up
5. Ham It Up!
This fifth Goal is all about getting the second of the three special recipes for the holidays. All you need to do, again, is to ask your friends for each of these above items and to send them back in return. Well sending them back isn't a requirement, per se, but you should probably practice some generosity in these games considering that's what it's all about. Finishing these tasks will reward with the Baked Ham recipe.
Make More Room
6.Make More Room
This Goal will make players get even more RSVPs from players, which is done just like before. The Red Suit Chair is available in the Decor section for 3,000 coins and visiting 10 Neighbors should be easy enough. Complete the Goal to receive the Red Nutcracker decoration.

Angel Slices
7. Angel Slices
Now, it's time for the Ask-a-Thon of 2010. A total of 30 requests will need to be made for you to win the Angel Slices recipe. Alright, so this is a bit overboard, but you do want that recipe... right? Complete this and that will be the end of the Holiday Dinner Goals. Stay tuned right here for when the Catering Oder goes live for a full guide.

[Via Cafe World Wiki and Images Credit: Cafe World Forums]

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