Buy $50 Merchandise, Store Owner Gives You Pole Dance

New York City greeting card designer and store owner Jill-Anne gives customers who purchase $50 of merchandise their own pole dance, reports CBS New York. The pole is installed amidst the cards in her Allen Street Store in lower Manhattan. And all of this, plus when she plays her guitar in front of the store, Jill-Anne calls an art form.

Marketing experts would label the pole dancing and music the right kind of attention getting devices to attract buyers for offbeat lines of cards. The cards' themes range from couples who break up to gay relationships. This push to stand apart or differentiate yourself from the competition isn't new with the economic downturn.

Way back in 1997, management consultantTom Peters published his manifesto on 'brand called you' in Fast Company. That kicked off his evangelism on how individuals and small businesses had to do exactly what multi national corporations do. That's create and nurture a clear brand identity. Plain vanilla just doesn't sell. Jill-Anne has carved out her own unique space in the crowded greeting card business as 100 percent edgy. Not everyone will buy it. What counts is that enough do for this entrepreneur to make a profit and grow the business.

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