Zynga looks to improve mobile version of FarmVille based on fan feedback

Ever since FarmVille was released on the iPhone back in June, there have been plenty of complaints to go around about the app's functionality, or lack thereof in most cases.

With a mobile version of any Facebook game, it would make sense to expect limited features and content, due to the simple fact that you're playing the game on your phone, and not your computer. However, in the case of FarmVille for iPhone, many of the game's most basic features, like simply using a tractor to plow land, or placing a decoration that you've found in your gift box, can be a nigh impossible task.

Update after update have been released for the game since June, with each claiming that it will fix the problems, and move the iPhone version of the game closer and closer to its browser-based brethren. However, even today, almost a full six months after the app has been released, there are still users (myself included) who cannot use the app at all - that is, they can't even get it to load without crashing, even after uninstalling and trying again (multiple times).

We understand that Zynga's primary concern is on the Facebook-centric version of the game, but it finally (mercifully) appears as though the developer will be improving the mobile version of FarmVille, at least in the foreseeable future, as they have launched an online survey(click the link to take the survey) for fans to give our feedback as to what works, what doesn't, and what we'd like to see happen to the mobile version of the massively popular farming game.

As part of this survey, users are asked to rank three possible gameplay scenarios, in terms of which they like most and the least, and why. These three options are for entire gameplay experiences; that is, if you could play FarmVille on iPhone with all of the features of the online version, with just a limited chunk of features, or, the most interesting option - would you like to have a mobile-only "expansion" of your original farm, where you could complete quests to gain rewards back in your original farm.

Each option is listed along with some pros and cons (obviously, the fully featured game would take longer to load, while the streamlined version would load more quickly, and so on), and you are then given a blank text entry box where you are asked to explain to Zynga why you chose the option that you did.

You receive no reward for completing this survey, but it does offer a bit of piece of mind for users that are sick of experiencing the app's many flaws. Whether or not these changes come quickly or slowly, however, will remain to be seen (hey Zynga - we're hoping for sooner, thanks).

Have you tried playing FarmVille on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch? Have you had as many problems getting the app to work as we have? If you took this survey, which option are you hoping that Zynga sticks with? Sound off in the comments.
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