Tron: Legacy on Facebook puts you in the Light Cycle

Tron Legacy on Facebook
You've seen the film and you've already beaten the games to a pulp, but now is your chance to become part of Tron just like our good friend Jeff Bridges, except with far less CGI. To help fuel the buzz of its upcoming sequel (as if it needs anymore), Tron: Legacy, Disney has created an interesting Facebook app titled "Get on the Grid" that will launch you into what appears to be one of the major scenes in the movie that releases Dec. 17.

Take a look at how the app works after the break.

Developed by Alfred and Adam Deo of Digital Outlook, the app uses face mapping technology to put your head into the helmet of a Light Cycle. And since this seems to be a scene ripped straight from the movie, it looks like you'll be taking Sam Flynn's place in getting beat down by the digitized version of his father. (Come to think of it, this is an interesting sneak peek at what might go down between the two in the film.)

Tron Legacy App in actin
How it works is simple. All you need to do once inside the app is click on the "Start" button, which will then give you a list of options for how to upload an image of your face. You can rip your Facebook profile picture using Facebook Connect, but make sure it follows the app's guidelines or you'll end up looking like me (see above). You can also upload an image from your computer or take one right then and there with a web cam, which would probably be the best option to make for the coolest video to share. And that's the beauty of it, Tron fans everywhere will be able to say, "Look guys, I just got beat up by Jeff Bridges!" And that's an honor we can only dream of having in the real world. For the time being (and while we were hoping for a full-featured Facebook game), a nifty Facebook app will have to do.

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