Four Things NOT to Do at the Holiday Office Party

Tis' the season for frivolity and fun -- even at work. If you're fortunate (or perhaps unfortunate) enough to have a holiday office party this year, here are four activities you may want to avoid doing if you want to keep your dignity intact. Not convinced? We provided examples to demonstrate just how damaging these behaviors can be to your rep.

Of course, if you don't care how you're perceived at work, then go for it. No doubt your co-workers will love the laugh.

1. Dance

Remember the classic 'Seinfeld' episode whereElaine Benes flailed about the dance floor at her office party? Of course you do. And that was 14 years ago. Need we say more? Perhaps we do...

2. Sing Karaoke

Bridget Jones may be the queen of this party faux pas, but these folks certainly deserve to be part of her royal court.

3. Drink Too Much

You may think you're coming across as witty and amusing, but in reality you sound more like this woman.

4. Fall Into the Christmas Tree

Really?! This should be an obvious one, but apparently it's not.

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