Seven Homemade Holiday Gifts for Less Than $20

Homemade Holiday Gifts: Wine Glasses with beadsEven Santa is feeling the pain of the recession this holiday season. To help relieve some of the strain on your wallet, consider making gifts for friends and family.

You can throw most of these presents together in a few hours, and none of them will set you back more than $20.

1. Stylish Wine Glasses
Price: $15
Time: 20 minutes

For many people, the holidays are about indulging in food, gifts and perhaps, a little wine. Make sure your gift recipients drink in style this year by making them beaded wine glasses. Simply string your choice of beads onto six to 12 inches of medium-gauge wire, depending on the size of the glass. Then wrap the beaded wire around the stem of the wine glass, twisting both ends of the wire into spirals, hearts or any customized shape. Craft idea courtesy of Marcia Preller2. Marble Magnets
Price: $15
Time: 20 minutes

Bring some color to friends' and family's fridges this holiday season. Craft guru Not Martha dishes the details on how to put together bubble magnets. Clip out interesting images and glue them onto clear marbles. Then attach the decorative marble to small, round magnets. Simple and fast, these magnetic presents will suit nearly anyone on your Christmas list by choosing images that best represent each individual.

3. Doggie Treats
Price: $5 to $15
Time: Less than an hour for most

For those whose main interest lies in their furry friends, consider spoiling the pooch with presents this holiday season. Websites such as Homemade Dog Treats, offer a huge selection of recipes that cater to our canine friends. Favorites include Bacon Dog Biscuits and Munch Crunchy Meat Treats.

4. Chai Tea
Price: About $20 per gift, depending on the amount of spices
Time: Four hours

Help friends and family stay warm this winter by giving out MSN's Delish's homemade chai tea. Dry orange slices by baking them in the oven for two to three hours. Combine a variety of spices and berries to create the chai mix. Simmer a couple of teaspoons with milk, water, and sugar and then add tea.

5. Stencil Shirt
Price: $7
Time: One hour, but allow overnight dry time

Customize a T-shirt to fit any recipient's interests. From humorous phrases to simple images, the shirt themes are endless. Simply print off a design, cut out a stencil and paint over it with fabric paint or acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium. provides detailed instructions on how to create the craft.

6. Cactus Garden
Price: $15
Time: 15 minutes

A cactus garden makes a great gift for both gardening gurus and those who lack a green thumb. The plants rarely require water so they make for low-maintenance, living gifts. Real Simple provides instructions on how to throw together this cactus craft. Just toss some pebbles into the ceramic bowl of choice, stick in the plants and spread a thin layer of soil at the base. Paint the pot for a personal touch.

7. Flavored Vodka
Price: $19
Time: A few minutes, but allow at least three days for infusion

Warm up the chilly season by giving the gift of flavor-infused vodka this winter. offers readers detailed directions on how to create the liquor. First, choose the desired flavor, such as pineapple chunks, four vanilla beans or a few halved and seeded jalapenos. Combine the flavoring supplies with vodka in a pretty, glass jar. Seal and refrigerate for three days to a week.

What are your favorite homemade holiday gifts?
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