Seven Homemade Holiday Gifts for Less Than $20


Homemade Holiday Gifts: Wine Glasses with beads
Homemade Holiday Gifts: Wine Glasses with beads

Even Santa is feeling the pain of the recession this holiday season. To help relieve some of the strain on your wallet, consider making gifts for friends and family.

You can throw most of these presents together in a few hours, and none of them will set you back more than $20.

1. Stylish Wine Glasses
Price: $15
Time: 20 minutes

For many people, the holidays are about indulging in food, gifts and perhaps, a little wine. Make sure your gift recipients drink in style this year by making them beaded wine glasses. Simply string your choice of beads onto six to 12 inches of medium-gauge wire, depending on the size of the glass. Then wrap the beaded wire around the stem of the wine glass, twisting both ends of the wire into spirals, hearts or any customized shape. Craft idea courtesy of Marcia Preller