Mafia Wars: Become the Governator in Governor's Run event


Ready for another limited time event in Mafia Wars? I hope so, because Zynga has launched one either way. This newest event will see you rallying for votes among your Mafia, so that you can become the in-game Governor and receive a very special prize at the end of the election.

This event will only be available until Sunday, and between now and then, you'll need to ask for, and send Mafia Wars ballots to those you'd like to help, or wish to receive help from. You'll need to have a total of 10 ballots to win the election (must be a pretty small state), and yes, you can vote for yourself (this is done automatically, as seen in the image above). Interestingly, you don't look to have an opponent in this election, but we'll give Zynga the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Earning ballots is as simple as clicking on the "Post" button underneath each of your Facebook friends' pictures. You'll unfortunately need to give Mafia Wars automatic access to posting news items on your behalf, so that you can quickly post individual ballot requests on individual users' walls, but once you finish the event, you can easily remove this access via the Facebook Applications Settings page (in the new Facebook menu layout, this is located under Privacy Settings).

If you can manage to bribe, cheat, lie and steal your way into the nine other ballots you need (or simply ask nicely and have your helpful friends oblige), you'll finish your rise to power and will be rewarded with the 2nd Amendment as a reward. The 2nd Amendment, in the real world, protects the right for individuals to keep and bear arms, so it only makes sense that the in-game 2nd Amendment would actually be the name of a gun, which has some pretty high stats, at 52 Attack and 80 Defense points.

Remember, each and every member of your mafia can be equipped with a gun when you go into battle against rival mafia members, so it's highly unlikely that you won't be able to put this fancy new weapon to good use.

With only a limited time to complete this event (remember, it ends on Sunday), make sure you start asking for votes soon to stand a chance at winning.

Will you try to win the Governor's Run event in Mafia Wars? Have you already finished the event? If so, how are you enjoying your well-deserved reward? Share your thoughts on this and other Mafia Wars timed events with us here in the comments.

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