Like Zynga? Prove it and receive a free Holiday Cow in FarmVille


The Zynga Inc. Facebook fan page sits at just over 933,000 "Likes," as of this writing. With 1 million "likes" being the next big milestone, the folks at Facebook's biggest developer have decided to give the gaming community a little push, or incentive, if you will, that will hopefully cause that number to grow to 1 million and beyond in a short time frame.

The incentive comes to us as news from the FarmVille Sheep fan page, which tonight writes that if Zynga Inc.'s fan page on Facebook reaches over 1 million Likes, we will receive a "special present... for this holiday season." The present is a lovely Holiday Cow in FarmVille, and who doesn't love cows?

This free cow (we're calling it the Holiday Cow, but the final name has yet to be revealed) is a brown and white bovine with a lovely green wreath hanging around it's neck. It's presumed that once (if) the Zynga Inc. fan page breaks the 1 million Like mark, that the developer would simply post a link for all interested users to claim their free cow, as that seems to be the method employed by most other games in such "giveaway" circumstances, but it may very well turn out to be a more complicated system than that.

Email delivery? Redeemable codes? All of that remains to be seen, but we'd be willing to place a wager on Zynga reaching their 1 million Like goal, mostly because, hey, who doesn't like free things? Besides, in just the time it's taken us to put this post together, the Like count has risen by over 1,000 - we'd say the Holiday Cow is in the bag for the lot of us.

If you'd like to help make sure that the cow is indeed handed out to users, make sure to like the Zynga Inc. fan page on Facebook. Remember, you can always "Un-Like" the page after the promotion is over - we won't tattle.

[Image credit: Zynga]

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Have you already liked the Zynga Inc. Facebook page? What do you think about this free item giveaway? Would you like any Facebook page just to receive free goodies? Let us know in the comments.