FarmVille Winter Holiday Decorations: Winter Manor, Ornaments, Lighted Fence & More

In tonight's FarmVille update, we see the release of seven new items in the Winter Holiday theme of items. Some of these items were revealed in the Holiday Limited Edition Showcase 2 video that Zynga released earlier this week, with the new selection of items including both new buildings and new decorative items, like ornaments.

Meet us behind the break for a full look at these new items, including their prices.

To start, there are two new buildings available to add to your farm that are sure to give it the "Holiday Village" look you might be going for. The first is the Winter Cottage, available for 350,000 coins. You'll receive a 3500 experience point boost for making the splurge, and if you'd like to sell the item at the end of the season, you can do so for 17,500 coin - not a great return, but a return nonetheless.

The only building is the Winter Manor, which we first saw in the Holiday Showcase video I mentioned earlier. This building costs Farm Cash - 42 to be exact. You'll receive 4,000 experience points if you purchase the manor, and you can then sell it at the end of the season (or whenever you'd like, really) for 20,000 coins.

As for the decorations, there are five to choose from, with three of these being available for nothing but regular coins. First though, let's take a look at the two premium Farm Cash items. The first is the Bunny Slope, an animated sledding slope that has a bunny literally sledding down a snowy hill. There are red and green flags that blow in the wind, and the bunny will hop back up to the top of the slope after it has slid down. It costs 28 Farm Cash to add to your farm, and rewards you with 2,800 experience points for your purchase.

The other premium item is the Polar Bear Globe, which is available for 25 Farm Cash. Another animated item, this one was also seen in the Holiday Showcase vide from this week, and it has what appears to be a mother and baby polar bear walking alongside an igloo inside a snow globe. The Polar Bears themselves do not move; rather, the snow inside the ball moves around as though you had just picked the globe up and given it a good shake.

The three coin items are less extravagant, but are still very cool in their own way. The Lighted Fence is available to purchase for 5,000 coins per one section of fencing. This fencing stays true to its name, as its yellow lights offer a permanent glow once it has been placed on your land.

The other two items are large singular ornaments that come in two shapes, and are each about the size of your in-game avatar (meaning that they're pretty large). They are the Heart Ornament and the Pointed Ornament, and both come with the exact same in-game stats, so your only choice will be between shapes, if you choose to only purchase one. Both ornaments cost 10,000 coins to add to your farm, and will grant you with 100 experience points as a bonus. You can sell either for 500 coins.

All told, these items will be available to purchase in the store for the next 16 days, giving you plenty of time to do some rearranging, if you're having trouble fitting all of these new items on your farm (or is that just me?).

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What do you think of these new Winter Holiday items in FarmVille? Have you already purchased some of these items? Tell us how you've decorated your farm for the holidays in the comments.

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