FarmVille Sneak Peek: Winter Bridge, Frozen Pond, Stocking Arch, Holiday Trees & More


A new batch of unreleased images have leaked from the world of FarmVille, and we've gotten our hands on the lot of them, allowing us to bring you another edition of the FarmVille Sneak Peek, where we show off these images, along with our thoughts on these unreleased new items, which may or may not be launching in the game in the near future.

This time, we have five new decorative items to show off, all of which fit in the current Winter Holiday theme of limited edition items. They are the Winter Bridge, Winter Fireplace (this looks an awful lot like the Fireplace just released in Cafe World as part of their holiday theme), a Winter Home, Frozen Pond, and Stocking Arch.

For those familiar with the Holly Arch, which was first released in the game for last year's holiday celebration, and was then re-released in this year's Winter Wonderland quest set, the Stocking Arch looks to be an exact replica of that item, except this one has brick columns and a few stockings attached to the front and sides. Meanwhile, for those that like the look of running water on their farms, the Winter Bridge unfortunately looks to offer a self-contained pool of water, so if you have a group of blue Hay Bales that you're waiting to connect to this item to continue an imaginary stream or river, there will be some continuity issues to be aware of.

In addition to these decorations, there are also two new holiday trees that will apparently be coming to the game, in the form of a Sugar Plum Tree and a Peppermint Tree. The Sugar Plum tree is a very pretty lavender and pink tree that looks like it came right out of a Dr. Seuss story, while the Peppermint Tree resembles the Bubble Gum Tree, except the bubblegums have been replaced with red and green striped peppermint candies. Both of these trees will apparently be masterable, as you can see the signs associated with each tree in the image above.

We can't wait for these items to release in the game, but remember, there is no actual guarantee that we'll see these items in the game, so keep that in mind.

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Would you purchase any of these items to decorate your farm, or have you already splurged enough on the mass amount of Winter Holiday items that have already been released in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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