FarmVille: Ornament Trees return, but at a very high cost


If you're one of the many FarmVille players that started playing the game sometime this year, and didn't have a chance to celebrate the winter holidays in the game in 2009, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has continued the process of re-releasing some of the best items from last year's theme, so that you can have a chance to "catch up."

Two such items were released in tonight's FarmVille update - those being the Ornament Tree I and Ornament Tree II. As their names suggest, these trees are standard evergreen trees, that grow ornaments and bows, rather than any kind of food. Both of the trees can be harvested every two days, returning the tree to an "ornament-less" state, and you'll gain 150 coins for each harvest. The only real difference between these trees, at least functionally, is in the color of ornaments that grow on them. Ornament Tree I grows orange and red ornaments, presents, and bows, while Ornament Tree II grows blue and silver presents, ornaments, and bows.

However, upon this year's re-release of the trees, the price has been increased... how do I say this politely... drastically. Last year, each tree cost just 1,500 coins (visual proof is below). Now, the price is 20 Farm Cash for Ornament Tree I and 15 Farm Cash for Ornament Tree II. Not only are the trees no longer available for coins, but, adding insult to injury, the price is equal to that of many limited edition decorations.

One could argue that these trees are just like any other limited edition decoration, as they will only be available for 23 days, but the simple fact that the price has been increased so much in just a year's time is more than a bit insulting to those players that have been with the game this entire time - even more so to those newer players who were looking to catch up with those veterans.

Either way, whether you purchased these trees last year, or if you're just picking them up this year, they are available to master, with both trees reaching a One-Star level of mastery after 113 harvests. It's the decision in whether or not to actually splurge on these trees that will be the issue at hand.

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Were you playing FarmVille last year? What do you think of this dramatic price increase from last year's holiday theme? If you're a new player, would you be willing to spend this much Farm Cash on a single tree? Share all of your thoughts with us in the comments.

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