FarmVille isn't a chore for stay-at-home parents

FarmVille stay at home mom

It's a commonly known fact that the most popular demographic for FarmVille players is middle aged women. This doesn't necessarily mean that they're all stay-at-home parents, but there is a good chance that a large percentage of FarmVille players enjoy the game while their kids are taking a nap. A blogger and stay-at-home mom, Cynthia Gregory, wrote a cute post about why she enjoys playing FarmVille.

Not many accomplishments are measurable in real life when you are a stay-at-home mother. I get no awards or stars or extra cash for successfully cleaning toilets or washing dishes every day. If they had toilet cleaning and dish washing in Farmville, I would get points, coins and maybe a cute sign to display on my property.

When I plant a crop or place a building in Farmville, it stays there. No one walks behind me trampling my work or breaking stuff.

My little avatar doesn't talk back.

My puppy doesn't puke or poop on my pretend farm.

I can shop as much as I like, because I am rich in Farmville.

My avatar hair is exceptional and quickly changeable, there is no need for a baseball cap. She never needs a face wax either.

I can get more help from people on my pretend farm than I could ever get in real life.

When you help someone on Farmville, you are rewarded. Rewarded with pretend useable stuff, not just a sense of accomplishment.
There is so much truth in her statements. People might make fun of the 'pretend' rewards and sense of accomplishment, but they can be very fun and motivating for people. There is nothing wrong with enjoying playing FarmVille, and for someone who stays at home and has constant distractions - social games can be the perfect way to pass the time in short chunks.

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