FarmVille Bunny Slope: Best item ever?

Released last night alongside other Holiday items, was the FarmVille Bunny Slope. Many immediately passed the Bunny Slope off as merely another boring Farm Cash item. However, not only is the Bunny Slope a clever joke (because a bunny is riding the Bunny Slope), it is also potentially the best FarmVille item ever (in my opinion of course).
farmville bunny slope
farmville bunny slope best itemOnce placed on your farm, a bunny rabbit with an orange sled continually climbs up the Bunny Slope and then slides back down. Could it get any cuter? Many FarmVille players don't think so. Some have even lined up their other cute animals at the bottom of the hill, waiting their turn to ride the FarmVille Bunny Slope (though of course, they can't actually ride it). I might even keep my farm holiday themed all year around, just so I can display my favorite FarmVille item: the Bunny Slope.

Unfortunately, the FarmVille Bunny Slope costs a massive 28 Farm Cash. But for one of the best FarmVille items ever, it might be worth it.

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What is your favorite FarmVille item? What item are you most proud of?
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