Companies Cutting Fewer Jobs

The weekly number of applications for unemployment is seen as one of the best indicators of where the economy is. Well, according to recent numbers, things are looking up in the economy, reports Forbes.

Last week, for example, first-time claims for unemployment were the second lowest level they had been for all of 2010. This was the second decline in three weeks. Longer term, those doing the counting noted that claims have been going down on a sustained basis for about two months.

However, job cuts are a separate ball of wax from job creation. Some sectors, such as tech, are creating new jobs and hiring. Others, such as legal, are still losing jobs. Therefore, those looking for jobs or self employed and not getting enough business have to determine if their industry will bounce back. If that seems possible, then they can do survival jobs while they sweat out the recovery. However, if their industry is shrinking, as law is for the near future, then they have to bite the bullet on career transition.

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