CityVille Update: Much needed storage, decorations, homes and crops

CityVille Items
CityVille Items

Not even a week in and we're already seeing bug fixes and now content updates to the next big city builder, CityVille. This week, Zynga has introduced not only decorations, but a a good amount of items that will contribute more than just Happiness for our beloved, random citizens.

  • Flower Pot: 100 coins, 1% payout

  • Fall Tree: 2 City Cash, 1% payout

  • Sturdy Fence: 75 coins, 1% payout

  • Cranberries: 49 coins, 80 Goods in 12 hours

  • Lake House: 10 City Cash, 90 Population, 180 coins every 2 hours

  • Cargo Shed: 20 City Cash, 1,000 Storage

Finally, a new storage option. While it does a good amount of City Cash, this item may actually be worth the cost--1,000 Storage will keep you set for a long time. Cranberries are a good, high-yield crop that will perfect for players to plant before they go to sleep or early on the morning the harvest when they come back home from a long day at work. With the Holidays soon upon us, we'll see if the CityVille team can come up with some wintry items in time for the big events.

How do you like these brand new items in CityVille? Would you pay up 10 City Cash for that crazy amount of storage? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.