10 Cities With the Most New Jobs

The U.S. economic recovery has been uneven, reports The Economist. That's why you may still not be having any luck getting a job, despite economic indicators that things are improving.

Suppose you don't live in one of the 10 metro areas which have been creating new jobs? Well, since employers have cut way back on relocating new hires, you may simply be stuck in an economic wasteland, at least for now. You do, though, have the option of applying to the more prosperous regions and then paying for your own move. For some unemployed that has turned their careers around.

On the other hand, you might be fortunate and be based in the pockets of job growth. In fact, you may be scratching your head wondering why so many are at their wit's end to land work. According to The Economist, you most likely live in:

  1. Washington D.C. - 44,000 new jobs
  2. Boston - 25,000 new jobs
  3. Dallas - 25,000 new jobs
  4. Phoenix - 24,000 new jobs
  5. Minneapolis - 21,000 new jobs
  6. Austin - 18,000 new jobs
  7. Baltimore - 14,000 new jobs
  8. Orlando - 10,000 new jobs
  9. Cleveland - 10,000 new jobs
  10. Seattle - 9,000 new jobs.

If you have relatives or friends in their areas, you might ask to crash on their couches and job hunt using their address and phone number. Get the job and then you can figure out how to relocate. You might plan that in small steps, such as moving yourself, then your family, and then renting your house if its value is under water.

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