Age Actually an Advantage in the Job Search

Age has turned out not to be an obstacle in a job search but an advantage. The November employment numbers show that in spades. For the rest of the population, joblessness stood at nearly 10 percent but for those over 55 it was 7.3 percent.

Why is this happening? Anne Fisher in Fortune has some theories:

Experience. There's both work that wasn't done during the worst of times and work that has to get done now to meet rising demand as the economy gets better. Employers opt for the experience the over 55 have. Not only do older workers have the task know-how, they can 'read' organizational cultures and understand what to do and not to do, what to say and not to say as well.

More sophistication about presenting themselves. Baby boomers weren't brought up to toot their own horn. Since this is an era of self promotion, the failure to put themselves out there as 'the brand called you' wasn't well received. Then they learned how to position and package themselves. That has been making all the difference.

Willingness to go the distance. Currently employers hire the applicant who can go beyond the basic requirements and actually create value. Unlike Generation Y, Baby Boomers never came to assume any entitlement. They sense that the workplace demands they go the extra mile and they are willing to do just that.

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