UPS Employees Beefing Up Security, But Won't Pat You Down

ups jobsUPS employees, including the 50,000 new holiday hires, aren't required to pat you down when you send those 430 million packages which will be shipped this Christmas season.

But, the UPS employees are beefing up security measures in response to that potentially deadly cargo that was in Yemen, reports Portfolio.

Now, both when you go to a UPS customer center and to its growing number of retail outfits, the UPS representative will request a government-issued form of identification that contains a photo. That means documentation such as a driver's license or passport. A credit card, issued by a commercial financial institution, wouldn't suffice. There is an exception made if you are using a pre-printed shipping label.

Incidentally, UPS wants you to know that this measure is just one part of its multi-dimensional security safeguards. Much of the rest of it, of course, you should not be aware of.

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