Tom Ford's Unconventional Style Tip for Heavyset Job Seekers

job interviewOverweight women searching for jobs tend to become self conscious about how they look.

One common strategy is to wear a black interview outfit since that color tends to be slimming. Forget all that, says famous designer Tom Ford, who used to work with Gucci.

What Ford recommends, reports Lindsay Goldwert in the Daily News, is that larger women simply go naked. Their appearance is enhanced, Ford believes, without the constraints of the pinching of clothes. Also, the human body has its own symmetry and elegance that can be interrupted by clothing.

Ford uses all body types and sizes in his choices of models for his clothing lines. Therefore, larger women hunting for work might check with Ford about the possibility of being hired. If Ford invites them for an interview, first they might ask if they should show up naked.

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