Spa Week Pays 10% Sales Commission to Facebook Users

three ladies at the spa - Spa week Facebook Spa Week has mobilized a gigantic sales force for the holidays -- Facebook members. In a move that is sure to be analyzed by other online service sites, Spa Week is offering a 10% sales commission for those who generate purchases of Spa Week gift cards through Facebook.

All that is required of "sellers" is that they update their status on Facebook to "like" Spa Week, which automatically generates a Facebook sales message for Spa Week gift cards. If a recipient clicks on the link and buys a Spa Week gift card, a tracking program tallies the sale and Spa Week then places 10% of the amount (or about $8 a sale) in your designated PayPal account. The $100-value cards are being sold at a discounted $79.99, meaning that anyone who logs 10 sales with a 10% cut will earn $79.99. Click here for registration details.Spa Week, a provider of discounted salon deals and beauty products, said in an email blast that its endeavor is "the first-ever Facebook platform that pays you cash when you influence your friends to buy."

The math is pretty scary. There are more than 500 million Facebook users and even if they've never purchased a Spa Week product, all they have to do to qualify is sign up and join the 24,000-plus who have already clicked "like" for Spa Week. Spa Week then gets both enthusiasts and Internet mercenaries working for it.

"We're creating brand evangelists around the country," Michelle Joni Lapidos, Spa Week's director of social media and editor of Spa Week Daily, told WalletPop.

Most companies offer free products as an incentive for referrals or some sort of buy-one,
get-one free deal. But Spa Week figured out that not everyone is in the market for an Isolaz
Laser Therapy
or Vajazzling. "Everyone wants money," Lapidos added.

The strategy is a play of sorts on the old school Avon-style marketing for the point-and-click generation. Only no purchase is necessary.

"It's a virtual version where anyone can start to set up their little shop and sell, using the tools in front of them," said Lapidos. "You don't need a blog. They can just use their No. 1 website online and what they're familiar with -- and that's Facebook."

"You literally agree with the terms and services and get your link," Lapidos continued. "When you click on the Facebook or Twitter button, it automatically generates a message for you. When someone clicks on your link, it keeps track of that."

The payment should appear in your PayPal account within seven days.

A couple of words about the Spa Week fine print: You need to be at least 18 and a legal U.S. resident living in the 50 states or D.C.

This particular campaign to hawk the gift cards ends Dec. 31, but Lapidos promises more commissioned packages will be launched within the first few months of 2011. Valentine's Day is a probable. "We'll make it interesting every time," she said.

Spa Week had no sales estimates so far, but you can bet the offer is making the bank accounts of many Facebook users look a lot prettier than a shot of botox.
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