FrontierVille Winter Holiday Decorations: Wintry Crate, Snow Launcher, Menorah & more

If you thought Zynga was done releasing Winter Holiday themed items in FrontierVille, then think again, as tonight's FrontierVille update brought with it a series of new decorative items that will make anyone want to suit up for a fun time playing out in the snow... Ok, so maybe only I would want to do that, but the items are pretty cool nonetheless - I promise!

You can now pick up a wide variety of decorative items, like flowers, and even larger nature-inspired items. Meet us behind the break for a full look at all of the available items, including their prices.

As with all item releases in FrontierVille, it becomes complicated to talk about them due to the fact that many users (but certainly not all) have completed the "Rithmatic" class in School House, which offers a permanent discount on coin-items in the shop. That being the case, these prices are those discounted prices, so if you've yet to complete that School House lesson, keep in mind that you prices will be just slightly higher in your own store.

Here's the list of newly released items:

Wintry Crate - 30 Horseshoes
Snow Launcher - 35 Horseshoes
Packed Sleigh - 22 Horseshoes
Menorah - 3,515 coins
White Poinsettias - 8 Horseshoes
Red Poinsettias - 10 Horseshoes
The North Pole - 7,125 coins & 10 Wood
Parol - 8,075 coins & 20 Wood
Heart Shape Pond - 39 Horseshoes
Icy Fishing Pond - 37 Horseshoes

The Wintry Crate is kind of like a Mystery Crate, except the items that it could possible contain are also available as general purchase items in the store. If you purchase one, you'll have a chance to getting either a Snow Launcher, a Heart Shape Pond, or an Icy Fishing Pond. As you can see from the pricing list above, you would be getting a discount on whichever item you randomly ended up with, but if you wanted to get all three at a discounted price, you'll need to remember that you could very well end up with duplicates in the other crates that you purchase.

Regardless of the item you choose, each and every one of these will only be available for a limited time - the next 22 days, to be exact, or until the end of the month / year. If you're like me, and might have a wild urge to celebrate the holidays in FrontierVille during random months next year, keep that time limit in mind and stock up to make sure you have all of the holiday goodies necessary when your creative mood strikes.

As a special note, these items haven't been pushed out to all users as of this writing, so if you don't see them in your store, make sure to keep checking back to see if they have gone live for you. In the meantime, feel free to make a shopping list so you don't forget to buy that extra special item for yourself.

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Have these items gone live in your own store? What do you think of them? We know it's disappointing that so many of them cost Horseshoes, but are you willing to splurge to have these extra-festive items on your Homestead for the holidays? Let us know in the comments. Add comment

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