FrontierVille Storage Shed Expansion: Everything you need to know

We are now three-for-three this week, in terms of new missions being added to FrontierVille on a daily basis, and today's three-part mission set will be of particular interest to those that have run out of room in their tiny in-game Storage Shed.

Want to expand that shed to hold more items? Now you can, via the Storage Shed expansion missions, with the first mission being called Storage Space I. It must be accepted before December 14, and finished within 3 days after activating the mission on your account.

What does it take to expand your Storage Shed? Meet us behind the break to find out.
The Storage Space I mission will allow you to expand your total storage shed capacity from the default of 20 items to 25 items, for an increase of 5 additional spaces. That may not be much, but every little bit helps, considering how many decorations are currently available in the game.

The three requirements for finishing this mission are as follows:

Chop Neighbor Trees 50 Times
Craft 20 Planks
Get Ten Logging Permits

We've seen missions requiring Planks in the past, but for those who need a refresher, you can craft a Plank inside your Covered Wagon. Each Plank can be crafted using 7 Wood and 250 coins. These Planks will disappear from your account after you finish the mission.

The neighbor portion of this mission will see you visiting friends to chop down their trees - five clicks at a time. Doing a little math on this shows us that each user will have to visit at least 10 friends to be able to finish this portion of the mission in one sitting, or you can choose to visit the same friend over multiple days (a risky prospect, considering that the mission must be completed in under 72 hours, or three days). For a tip on easily finishing this step, start with your lowest level neighbors first - it's likely that they stopped playing the game weeks or even months ago, and therefore their land will have more than enough trees for you to chop.

Finally, the ten Logging Permits are earned by clicking on the "Ask Friends" button, to post a news item to your wall asking your friends to help you out. This is a "Give one, get one" situation, meaning that if your friends help you, they will receive a Logging Permit for themselves well.

The rewards for this step of the mission set are 200 XP, 250 coins, and the bonus of five extra storage spaces in your shed. You'll be able to share 100 XP for friends on your wall, if you choose.

But that's not all, as Zynga has announced that there will be two more Storage Space expansion missions released consecutively. Here's the basic info about the remaining two missions, which have yet to be released in full into the game.

Storage Space II will reportedly be a timed mission, with a three day time limit, that will need to be accepted before December 21. The requirements for Storage Space II are:

Collect 6 Sawhorses
Collect 6 Nails
Collect 15 Cardboard Boxes

First and foremost, the Sawhorses can be created inside the Barn for 5 Planks and 2 Tools. As we said above, Planks can be created in the Wagon using coins and Wood, while tools are earned by being hired on a Neighbor's Homestead (that is, if that hiring neighbor chooses to post the tool reward to your wall for you to claim). You can also purchase Tools for Horseshoes, if you don't have that many in-game neighbors, or simply don't wish to wait for them to hire you.

Meanwhile, the Nails can be gifted between friends as a free gift, you can request Cardboard Boxes from your friends in a similar fashion. We'll be sure to update this space when we have all of the details concerning these two portions of the mission.

Again, once you finish this mission, you'll receive another five spaces of inventory in your Storage Shed.

Finally, the Storage Space III mission has another three tasks for you to complete, and this one looks to be the most difficult, due to the reported three day time limit that also goes along with this mission. The tasks required for your final Storage Shed expansion are:

Clobber 5 Groundhogs
Clobber 10 Snakes
Collect 10 Crowbars

To easily finish the Groundhog portion of this mission, your best bet is to plant Clover, which takes only five minutes to grow. That way you can easily lure out the Groundhogs in one sitting, if you are lucky enough for them to spawn in your game.

Lastly, we're assuming that the collection of Crowbars will be similar to the collection of other items in the game. Either you'll post a news item to your wall asking for the Crowbars, or you'll be able to send individual requests to friends to ask them for help. Again, we'll be sure to let you know when all of these details have been revealed.

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In the meantime, let us know what you think of this Storage Space expansion mission set in the comments. Has your Homestead simply run out of room, or did you already sell off most items because you didn't want them cluttering up your land? We'd love to know what you have to say! Add comment
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